Privacy Policy

Before you can sign up for this site, you need to agree to all of these terms as well as those in the Terms and Conditions.

I understand that anything I send from this app will be stored on secure University of Canterbury servers.

I understand that my email address and password will not be shared with anyone except for the Red Zone Stories project team.

I understand that for each journey I record I can choose whether I want to upload it, and I can choose whether it will be seen by the public or just by researchers. If I don't want to upload anything I've recorded, then that's okay.

I agree that anything I choose to be public can be displayed on the Red Zone Stories app and website until the project ends.

I agree that anything I upload can also be stored in the UC QuakeStudies Digital Archive. UC QuakeStudies is an archive that preserves and shares information and stories about the Canterbury earthquakes. Only things I have agreed to be public will be displayed in UC QuakeStudies.

I understand that anything I make public could also be displayed on the UC CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquakes Digital Archive and DigitalNZ websites. UC CEISMIC is a website that shares information about the Canterbury earthquakes gathered from many different websites. DigitalNZ is part of the National Library of New Zealand. They help make New Zealand's digital content easier to find and more useful.

I agree that if I say that something can only be seen by researchers, then the Red Zone Stories team can only make it available to other researchers the team works with (including researchers at the University of Canterbury, other universities and in government agencies).

I understand that if I change my mind about anything I've uploaded, I can contact the Red Zone Stories team and ask for it to be deleted or to not be public. I can contact the team by emailing

This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee, and participants should address any complaints to The Chair, Human Ethics Committee, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch ( Approval 2018/102