Terms and Conditions

Before you can sign up for this site, you need to agree to all of these terms as well as those in the Privacy Policy.

I have read the 'About' page and understand what the project is about. I know that I can email redzonestories@canterbury.ac.nz to ask the researchers any questions.

I understand that if I sign up on the app or website then I'm agreeing to take part in the research.

I understand that I don't have to take part in the research if I don't want to, and that I can still use the app to browse the map without signing up. I can change my mind about taking part at any time, and ask the research team to delete what I've uploaded.

I understand that I don't need to use my real name to sign up. I can make up a username or use the random number the app gives me.

I agree that anything I upload (this includes photos, videos, text, and the recording of my movement through the red zone) can be used for research and urban planning.

I understand that any photos or videos I take and any text I write belong to me. But I agree that if I upload something and make it public, then other people are allowed to reuse it however they like, as long as they aren't making money out of it, and as long as they acknowledge me (using the username I signed up with). This is known as a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licence. You can read more about Creative Commons here.

I agree to respect other people's privacy. That means I won't take photos or video of anyone without their permission, and I won't talk about other people in ways that might embarrass or harm them. I understand that if someone doesn't like what I've said about them, or if I've taken their photo without permission, then they can ask the Red Zone Stories team to delete it.

I agree not to upload anything harmful, inappropriate, or culturally offensive. I understand that if someone reports something I've uploaded as offensive, then the Red Zone Stories team will look at it and might delete it.

I understand that displaying the map uses my mobile data. I also understand that uploading could use a lot of mobile data, and that I can wait until I have wifi before I upload.

I understand that some parts of the red zone are still private property, and I agree not to trespass.

I understand that there can be dangers in the red zone such as uneven ground, unleashed dogs, and magpies. It's my job to keep myself safe.

I understand that talking about the red zone might bring up memories that are distressing. I have been provided with information on counselling services.

I am at least 14 years old.

This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee, and participants should address any complaints to The Chair, Human Ethics Committee, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch (human-ethics@canterbury.ac.nz). Approval 2018/102